Packing Crating and Transportation of trophies.

Once we have been advised by the Taxidermist or Dip and Pack facility that the consignment is ready for collection, we will send out our own in-house team to attend to the packing and crating of the trophy consignment on the Taxidermist premises, under their supervision.

Our packing and crating teams are all experienced in the art of packing and crating of the shipments as dense as possible not only to save on freight costs but also to ensure that no damages occur in transit. Packing is also done in compliance to International requirements and to that end, EMIAC is ISPM 15 accredited and all the timber used in the construction of the crates complies with International Wood Packaging Standards.

Some Taxidermists however prefer to do their own packing and crating in which case we would only collect the consignments.

Notwithstanding the location and size of the consignment we shall always collect consignments with our own vehicles, ensuring that it remains under our own supervision at all times. From time to time we may however make use of reputable outside transport service providers in which case our own people will supervise the entire operation and accompany the consignment where neccessary.

Permit Applications

The experienced staff in our permit application department is well known to all the Nature Conservation and Veterinary Services Departments in all the Provinces of South Africa and is ready, when required to do so, to assist all our clients with the applications for all the necessary Inter Provincial Transport, Import, Export, In-Transit, TOPS and CITES permits.

Communications and Quotations

Within 72 hours after checking-in the consignment into our warehouse, one of EMIAC’s key staff members shall be in direct contact with the Hunter in order to provide a detailed quotation of all the costs involved to deliver the Trophies to the hunter’s nominated destination of choice. This quotation will include the cost of optional in- transit Loss or Damage Protection “Insurance” which will cover the shipment for loss or damages from date of collection from the Taxidermy up until delivery to the designated address.

Upon the successful procurement of all the required Export Documentation from all the relevant Government Departments, and upon receipt of our fees we will immediately apply for a space allocation with the Airline or in the event where Ocean Freight was agreed upon, we will allocate the required space in the first available container consigned to the nearest port of entry to the client.

In order to provide our valued clients with Continuity and a Personalised Service, we have in place a system whereby each client that makes use of our services on an ongoing basis, is allocated a dedicated staff member who will work very closely with our client on all current and future shipments.

It is standard practise that all parties are always copied in on all correspondence between EMIAC and the Hunter up and until the consignment has reached its final destination.

EMIAC remains in contact with all Nature Conservation Governing Agencies as well as all our Clearing Agent partners across the world, to ensure that we at EMIAC remain informed of any Import and Export regulation changes, which information is communicated to our clients as soon as we become aware of such changes.