Our Mozambique Facility…continued

Once in possession of all the relevant consignment information the Hunter will receive confirmation of receipt of each item and an Invoice for the charges of the field collection, processing, permit applications, crating, inspections, customs formalities and the delivery thereof by way of our own Road Transport from Chimoio direct into our Bonded Warehouse in Johannesburg.

Once we have received payment our Mozambique office will, without any delay, start with the application for all the required Export documentation in Mozambique and the applications for all the Import permits into South Africa.

Only once the trophies have dried and we are able to crate will we have the final weights and volumes of the consignment on hand and where after we will be in a position to provide the Hunter with a separate quotation detailing the costs of the final leg of the journey from our Bonded Warehouse in Johannesburg to the nominated Taxidermist based anywhere in the world.

We at EMIAC firmly believe that we now have a clear understanding of the Mozambique system and bureaucracy and have mechanism in place to speed up the process and therefore we estimate that we will soon be able to commit to a 6 month delivery from the date of receipt of the trophies at our facility to the Hunters nominated address world-wide.

As a matter of course, the Hunter and the Outfitter will be kept well informed of the progress made, by way of regular status reports and should there be any unforeseen delays in the process, all parties will be informed accordingly.

Where the hunter chooses to have his trophies mounted by a Taxidermist in South Africa, we will deliver his trophies direct to his nominated Taxidermy anywhere in South Africa without any delay.

Taking all the above into consideration, we believe that the Hunter who hunts in Mozambique will immediately become aware of the cost savings benefits, when working with ONE COMPANY who will handle all his Processing, Import and Export formalities from the time the raw trophies are received in Mozambique until the delivery thereof to his nominated destination.